Global Blockchain Ventures Fund - Q1 2020 report to Limited Partners

Partnership Update and Overview | March 31, 2020

Global Blockchain Ventures, LP have published their Partnership Update and Overview report for Q1 2020.  The GPs have provided an update and an overview of the activities of the Fund.  The management team continues to focus on: Monitoring COVID-19 and Capital Markets; Capital Formation; Existing Portfolio Companies; Evaluation of New Companies; and Identifying Strategic Opportunities.

At the time of this report, the Fund has added five portfolio companies. The General Partners and Managing Directors believe these portfolio companies are disruptive and promising projects with the ability to offer actual, practical blockchain-enabled solutions exploiting market forces in digital transformation. Looking forward, the focus is on exploring opportunistic alternative growth avenues, assisting portfolio companies with required capital financing needs, and evaluating, planning , and engaging in strategic events.

More information is available by downloading the report here: Global Blockchain Ventures Fund, LP (“Global Blockchain Ventures”) - Report to Limited Partners


GBV Management Team:

Al Weiss: Chairman & Managing Director

Dieter Kondek: Managing Director

Max W . Hooper , Ph.D.: Managing Director

David Metcalf , Ph.D.: Managing Director



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